Monday, February 13, 2017

No umbrella

Olá? Tudo Bem!
This is the highlight of this week. We taught a lesson with this older Portuguese lady named Elise. We walked with her from her house to the church building. When we started teaching her  there were clear skies. When we finished teaching her it was pouring rain. And no one brought an umbrella. We ran back to our apartment in the rain and gave her  one of our umbrellas. When we were walking home the other two umbrellas we were using broke. So now we don't have any umbrellas here which is a problem. It rained a lot this week and because we have no umbrellas we got really wet, not in the baptism kind of way. It was more of  the walking around the streets of Portugal for hours with wet shocks and wet shoes and wet hair kind of wet which is isn't as fun. But we bought an umbrella so we get less wet now. Also this Sunday our recent convert Wilker received the gift of the Holy Ghost. 
Elder Soares of the seventy is visiting our mission this week. We set a goal to read the Book of Mormon as a whole before he arrived. I set a goal to read it in Portuguese. I didn't understand much but I am almost finished. I just finished Mormon this morning. I think I am going to finish it! Read that book -- it will change your life. 

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