Monday, March 13, 2017

New Apartment

Olà Tudo bem?

I hope that everything is well at home. Everything is great here; it was another week in paradise. This week was a little crazy because we moved apartments. We had less time to work because it took 2 whole days to move from one apartment to the other. Our first apartment was really close to the church and everything but was really old. We received a new companionship of sisters and a married couple this transfer so we had to get a new apartment and the sisters moved into our old one. Our new apartment is so nice. It has that toilet seat that slows down as you close it, ugh living the dream. 

The new married couple missionaries arrived this week, the Shlofman's. They are from Utah but Sister Shlofman was born in Brazil and moved to the United States for school. She met Elder Shlofman there at BYU and the rest is history. It was funny to she them the first day they were here because they appeared the same way I felt my first day. They looked totally lost and overwhelmed. But the best part was that they were a little rusty in Portuguese so they spoke English with us. It was weird speaking English.  My English is really bad. I can't speak English or Portuguese really well right now.  It's kind of hard but my Portuguese is improving. I like to think if I could see myself right now the first day I entered the MTC I would be really impressed with myself. 

We taught a couple of cool people this week. Elder Jan and Elder Ward (Elder Jan's old companion) did work here and they found a lot of cool people. I get the honor of teaching some of them. One of the people we have started teaching is Emanuela. She is originally from Brazil but now lives in Portugal (obviously) and she was baptized when she was 14. She lost contact with the church and moved to Portugal years later. She was in a really bad car accident which temporarily paralyzed half of her body and permanently paralyzed her face, blind in her left eye and lost a bit of her memory. One day a couple of weeks ago she prayed that she could come back in contact with the church again. At that same moment Elder Ward knocked on her door. We taught her this week and were able to give her a blessing. Her daughter who is 14 years old right now happened to be there. She asked a lot of questions about the church. Her mom helped explain the difference between the baptism she had when she was 14 and the baptism her daughter had. Her daughter now wants to be baptized.

Never forget spiritual experiences. Doubt is a powerful weapon the adversary has and is very destructive.  We are strengthened by the promptings we receive from the holy ghost that testify that these things our true. Those peaceful feelings require faith and allow us to grow. When we begin to question those feelings our faith diminishes. Doubt and faith can not exist in the same mind. Don't forget those experiences. Think about where those thoughts of doubt are coming from. When we do that our faith will grow and we will be better disciples.

Elder Fogg

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