Monday, January 30, 2017

Splashtown Odivelas

Tudo Bem? Somos nos os missionários da Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos dias. Temos uma mensagem que vai abençoar tua vida muito. Podemos entrar?

It was really wet here this week. It was basically splashtown Odivelas but not just because it rained every day. We also had two baptisms this week here in our ward. Elder Harker and Elder Welch baptized a investigator that they have had for a while, he is covered in tattoos it's pretty cool. He was a tattoo artist before he started meeting with the missionaries. He has a tear drop tattoo under his eye, a spider web tattoo on his forehead, and he has familia tattooed above his eyebrow, it's impressive. Sister Hart and Sister Willies baptized their investigator too, he has no tattoos.
Elder Thompson and I have two amigos that are getting close to baptism. One is named Costa. He is from Angloa. He is working here and going to school at the same time. Usually we meet up with him at 9:00 at night and we need to return to our apartment by 9:30 and he lives 40 minutes away. Elder Thompson says the math works out on that but we always seem to get back late. Anytime he can meet up with him is a miracle. It's cool to see how his prayers have improved through the time that we have been teaching him. He didn't really know how to pray and needed help constantly at first but last night he did it all by himself, he basically a professional. 

Our other amigo is called Wilker. We contacted on the street just like any other person. We asked if we could share our message and he agreed. We invited him to be baptized on a park bench and he accepted. We have already taught all the lessons to him and he came to church yesterday. He really like it. In the priesthood meeting we was chosen to help the teacher draw the plan of salvation on the board. He did a pretty good job for only hearing it one time before. 

Personally I have grown up thinking that 3 hours of church on Sunday is a lot but we taught two sisters that wanted to be baptized but couldn't because they work on Sunday. It was really funny because they were like ''you guys need more church, how are people supposed worship God once a week, you need church on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays too''. I was personally thinking ''ta bem, this is going to be the first time anyone is not baptized because they want more church''. We usually have problems getting our investigators to stay for the full three hours.

Trials are a manifestation of Heavenly Fathers love for us. There is opposition in all things, that is the adversary. Through trials we can learn and grown. The times I have felt I have grown the most is when we walk out the door of an apartment where every door is slammed in our face. I get to show heavenly father I am here for him and not my own purpose.

Elder Fogg

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