Monday, June 12, 2017

Demon dog

Ola Tudo Bem!

Essa semana foi bem caloroso. Estamos a morrer, mas estamos a trabalhar bem duro, entao vamos ver como funciona. Estou a gostar muito de olhao! It's been one year since I recieved my call to serve in Portugal. Happy one year anniversary! Yay!

So if people tell you that the Algarve is cold, they are lying their faces off because holy it's really hot here. Like wow, like right now. But besides walking basically on the surface of the sun, Olhao is really cool. Every once in a while it gets really smelly. Olhao is right next to the water sanitation center for the Concelho de Faro so some times the smells from the water treatment center blow over to our city and we have the blessing of smelling it for a week or so. But its all good in the hood because the people here are really cool. This city makes me question if these people are living real life or if this is just a poorly written and acted TV show. The thing really funny about the Portuguese people is that they are really dramatic. It's great.

This week we had a couple of funny experiences. Yesterday we had decided to pass by this family that is a less-active that we ran into on the street. After we knocked their door, they opened it. And this girl was there and said "oh you guys probably want to talk to my mom". So she went to get her mom, but while she was doing that she left the door ajar. It was all calm and good for a couple seconds then out of no where, this demon dog darted from the shadows and I was all like "Heck no Satan. I out, yeet!" I have always had a fear of dogs since before I can remember. They just get all up in your business and want to jump up on your legs. But let me tell you, this dog was not like those little puppies that you're like "Oh how cute".  But no no, this dog was definitely of the devil. It defied the very nature of biology. It had white eyes, HOW MANY DOGS HAVE WHITE EYES??? NONE I TELL YOU, NONE!! Also this dog had a misconception about it's place in the world. It was one of those pit-bull type dogs that are built like mini tanks, and weigh probably a buck eighty nine. Holy, and he was trying to climb all up on Elder Moses and I was like, "Ummm ya I don't think so". So I booked it man. He was between me and my only escape. He was a smart little dog.  He put himself between me and the door and gave me that look "Uh what you gonna do know boy". But I wasn't stupid, I didn't receive my wilderness survival merit badge for nothing, I knew how to deal with the ravaging beast. So I went the only way I could. I bolted up the stairs. It was at this moment that I realized why I had done track.  It was for this moment, the peak of my natural instincts, so I could escape this fowl beast of the fields. I made it up two flights of stairs before the beast even knew what happened, then he began his pursuit. Wo, wo, wo unto the beast that try to follow me. Finally, when I reached the fourth floor the owner had returned to the door and saw what happened.  She burst out laughing. It took a while for the others to catch up but they finally did and the beast was restrained. Apparently, it was the vilest of creatures, the great and terrible French bulldog.

We also had the opportunity to give a blessing to another women named Gitu. She has two boys and is going through some rough times personally.  We were able to come to her house and give her a blessing of health. We were well received and thanked for the opportunity. The first counselor in our branch ran into Gitu and her family on the street.  She told him that she was really grateful and she could already she how the blessing helped. The older of the two boys Renato is usually more of an introvert and usually doesn't talk with people he doesn't know. But when he saw the first counselor Renato, he was really open. Gitu says that he really was interested in the blessing that we gave. I am so thankful for the Priesthood of God. The Priesthood is the power and authority to act in the name of god. To preach in his name, to teach in his name and to perform all the sacred ordinances that we need in his name so we can one day return to live with him in a fullness of joy. Only those who have "taken this honour as was Aaron"(Hebrews 5:4) can do this. Heavenly Father is a God of order and a God of justice. He wants all to return. This is why he has created one path. He has given all of us agency, or the ability to choose between good and evil.  He will never take away the agency of any but it is amazing to see, especially here on the mission, how many times the Lord will purposefully give us opportunities. "His hands are stretched out still"(2 Ne 19:12).

All is well in Zion.

Elder Fogg
Missão Portugal Lisboa

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