Monday, April 10, 2017


Olà Tudo otimo?!?!

Estou muito feliz aqui! Essa semana ajudamos duas mulheres a aproximarem-se a Cristo através de batismo! Foi uma experiencia tão bom. Espero que tudo esteja bom em casa também!

This week we had a baptism of our amigas Esmeralda and Salva. They were really excited. I was a little excited too apparently. Salva is a little bit scared of water and to be baptized you need to be immersed completely in the water. So when I was doing the ordinance, I did it really fast to make sure that she made it completely under the water. When I did it really fast, apparently I did it really forcefully too and it was pretty much like the front three rows at Sea World #SplashZone. Elder Tester and Elder Souza joked that they hope that she remembers the baptism even though it was so forceful. They said they hope the trauma wasn't too much for her head. But she made it under in the first try. 

This Sunday we had a lunch after church. People were pretty excited and brought a lot of food. Elder Souza brought brownies and everyone know wants his brownie recipe (they were soo goooooood). This lunch was combined with a training for the members on missionary work and family history. We are developing a program here in our ward called MMTC (Member Missionary Training Center). We are basically helping members reach out to there friends to share the gospel or to help them make new friends in sharing the gospel. It went well. People were pretty tired by the end of it being fast Sunday and all.

This week is transfers. Everyone at church was pretty sad the Elder Jan was leaving (and that I was staying). Everyone here likes Elder Jan a lot.  He has been here for 6 months (since I entered the MTC -- that's a long time). He is leaving for Pova.  He is going to be serving with Elder Davis from my MTC District. Elder Tester is leaving too. Elder Souza (this is his last transfer) is staying and another Brazilian is going to be his companion. I am going to be companions with Elder Martel! The same Elder Martel from the MTC, he is super cool. I am staying her in Loulé for at least one more transfer. Until Next week.​

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