Monday, April 3, 2017

No, I don't work at IKEA

Olà tudo bem!?!?!

Essa foi uma boa semana. Espero que vocês estejam bem em casa. Tivemos muito sol então nos estamos muito felizes aqui.

Not much happened this week. We had Zone conference, so we got to see all the missionaries that are serving here in the Algarve. President Tavares and the assistants gave a training on goals. We apparently are really, really bad with our goal setting.  They keep giving trainings about it. I hope that we are getting better. Our goals need to be within reach but also need to stretch us so that we can grow. They gave a funny demonstration of this. They had one Elder run from one side of the chapel to the other side and at first they gave him a minute to do it.  He accomplished it easily. Next they gave him 3 seconds.  It was a little bit harder but he still got it. Lastly, they gave him 1 second. He wasn't even close. President talked to us about how we are disciples of Christ and we need to show it in our studies and in our prayers.  These are definitely 2 things I need to work on.

An Ikea opened in our area this week and on opening day a lot of people went to see what was up there. We went there to eat hot dogs. A lot of people were there.  It was really busy. As the others were buying their hot dogs, I was standing a little ways away from the group and I was wearing a yellow tie. Because the colors of Ikea are blue and yellow and because I am so attractive, an elderly Portuguese man walked up to me and started speaking to me. He asked me «What is up stairs?». I thought this was strange that someone wanted to talk to a missionary in Ikea and ask what they had upstairs. So I replied «I don't know I think it's Ikea upstairs too». This happened three more times and I thought each time, wow people at Ikea really want to hear our message. After the third time someone stopped me and asked me something about the store, I realized that the people weren't interested in the gospel, they thought I worked there. Awkward.

General Conference was this week. I hoped you all got to watch it. I just want to point out a couple trends that I noticed. The Apostles really want us to study «The Living Christ». I have never read this article by the apostles and prophets given to celebrate the 2000 year since the Savior's birth. I am going to read it and I challenge all of you too to read it as well.

Elder Fogg
Missão Portugal Lisboa

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