Monday, April 24, 2017

Talking to every single person we see

Olà! Minha Vacinhas, espero que tudo esteja bem! Essa semana foi muito boa. Nos estamos a trabalhar muito duro e agora minhas sapatas esta a quebrar! É um pouco triste mais é por que nos estamos a andar muito e a falar com todos as pessoas. É muito fixe.

We are starting to run into tons of people that are super cool. We are basically contacting every single person we see on the streets - some are cool and some are a little different. We were talking with a women on her door step and she did not want anything to do with us. She was evangelical and she kept interrupting us when we were trying to describe our message to her. She kept on pointing out my face. She said to Elder Martel talking about my face «Olha sua cara, olha sua cara, tem Jesus em sua cara. Não preciso sua mensagem por que já posso ver jesus em sua cara».  Basically in English «look at his face, look at his face, I don't need your message because I can see Jesus in his face». It's weird here because all the old women have no filters here. They say the first thing that comes to mind. I have been hit on many times here in Portugal because of my eyes. (Everyone in Portugal has eyes that are brown or black so when they see my eyes are blue, they go crazy.) But this is also a double edge sword because they speak their minds about everything. I have also been told many times that I need to watch what I eat because I am a little on the «strong side» of the scale.
We ran into a Brazilian couple, Antonio and Rosana in front of their house this past Sunday and they said that we could pass by later that week. We dropped by their house later that week and taught about the plan of salvation. As we were teaching about the celestial Kingdom, we explained that families can be together forever in the celestial kingdom. Antonio stopped us and asked «What do I have to do to live in the Celestial Kingdom someday». Good question Antonio, good question. So we explained a little about baptism. They both wanted to receive an answer for themselves that baptism was right so we taught a little about the Book of Mormon and how we can receive an answer through prayer. It was really cool how they had already come to those conclusions with out us having to explain it. 

I have been practicing my Spanish. Yo soi Elder Fogg, Yo soi um missionaro por la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias. Yo estoi bem. Yo hablo mucho. Elder Schlofman thinks I was assigned to the wrong mission.

We also did a contact with a man that was actually on the porch of his friend's house that was really not that firm of an appointment. The night we planned to stop by, it took us 30 minutes to find his house. We probably walked a 5K because the directions he gave were horrible.  They were like « do you know where this cafe is, if you take this road and then take a right and go up some stairs and then turn in a circle, jump three times, yell I love banana pudding and then close your eyes and tap your ruby slippers together 3 times and say there's no place like home, follow the yellow brick road and then you'll find my house». Right buddy, ok we'll stop by real soon. But we did actually stop by and it turns out he has a lot of friends that like to hang out in his house so we taught a lessons with him and his four other friends at the same time.  It was pretty cool.

This whole not having a car thing really is hard. But the Lord is coming through big time. We aren't really eating real food. We are using the think method from the Music Man. If we imagine eating food then well be fuller but that usually doesn't work I just get hungrier. But as we wrap up our day some how we usually are given some type of food. It is the greatest blessing I have ever received in my life. The Lord is the realest.

Elder Fogg
Missão Portugal Lisboa

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