Monday, May 22, 2017

Ended this transfer with fire

Olà tudo bem?

Essa semana foi bem fixe! Espero que vocês estejam pronto a por uma historia bem fixe meu!

This week was super cool. Elder Martel and Elder Fogg definitely ended this transfer with fire.  It was, as one may put it, "lit". Even though this was the end of the transfer, we went to our areas and worked really hard! We didn't teach any lessons that would blow your socks off on a spiritual level but we could just see the hand of the Lord in our work this last transfer. Elder Martel and I are "bem novinhos ou seja".  We have no idea of what we are trying to do or how to do it so we go out there and just do it. Even though we are the new kids on the block, we trusted in the Lord that if we did all we could, we trusted that He would do His part too. Let me tell you He did. Just the people we found this transfer were "prontissimo por Batismo ou seja".  They were the ready for baptism. We tried our hardest and at the end of the day the Lord blessed us for doing our part. "Pronto isso não significa que nós batisamos cada Pessoa na rua ou seja".  We weren't in the hospital because we had hypothermia because we were in the water for so long but we were just protected by the Lord. I don't know how to describe it. 

At the end of this week, Elder Souza went to Lisbon to go home to Brazil so we got to work with his companion Elder Vigne for a couple days. It was so much fun. We all have less that 7 months on our missions so we just went out there and talked with everybody! It was so funny because Elder Vigne is Brazilian so whenever we ran into another Brazilian on the street, a contact where usually Elder Martel and I would be rejected, Elder Vigne got it with ease. The people in Quarteira definitely think the missionaries are crazy now. The Vigneartelogg show these past 2 days definitely showed the people there how cray cray missionaries can be. But they also think the missionaries are weird because of Elder Martel and I. I like to run, but when I told that to Elder Martel, I think he misunderstood. We run sometimes in the morning but we often run at night too. (I know what you all are thinking "Elder Fogg that's against the rules" but just wait to hear me out). We have a rule as missionaries that we have to be in our houses by 22h00 and this transfer president has been a lot more concerned about our safety so he has been stressing this rule a lot more. Well sometimes, we happen to be teaching an amigo really late at night and we are really far away from the where the car is, so we run. But I can just imagine the families visiting from England sitting in their restaurants having a peaceful quiet dinner in Quarteira or Albulfeira to begin their night and then all of a sudden, out of no where, come two Americans in white shirts and ties, running for what looks what it seems to be for their lives, and I can just imagine what they're thinking, "I know that guy is just a tad over weight but mate running in a suit and tie isn't really going to work off the donuts mate". 

I am being transferred to Olhão. Still in the Algarve but I'll be serving with elder Moses. 

This church is true. Jesus is the Christ. I am his servant.

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