Monday, May 8, 2017

Night of deserts

Olà Tudo bem!

Well another week is in the books. It was really sunny.  We had a lot of fun and talked with a lot of people about the gospel so basically it was another week in paradise. 

This week, we have been talking with a family from Cabo Verde. They are really cool.  I don't know if I have talked about them before, but the first time we had contact with them, it was one guy on a porch and the contact was iffy at best but when we past by their house, they had a lot of their friends over and they invited everyone to hear our message. That was a couple of weeks ago and we have been working with them constantly. We have passed by their house with the Schlofman's to help us teach them too.  They are really cool (both the Schlofman's and this family... everyone is cool... there is not one un-«cool» person here, or on this planet, everyone is cool in there own way.. ok now that this is sufficiently awkward). We had a Noite de Sobremesas or a Night of Deserts when we invited everyone from the branch and all of our amigos that we are teaching just to make more friendships and eat a lot of deserts. Well, we invited this Cabo Verdian family and they came. This Noite de Sobremesas was on Friday. It was basically a big party. Not everyone from the ward knew about it, so some people missed out on this cool event. But it went really well. We had 6 of our amigos there. This Cabo Verdian family and another one of our amigas Nina who is going to get baptized on May 13th. It was really fun seeing members of the branch just talking with our amigos and helping them. It went really well and I ate a lot of deserts which was the Best part. 

On Sunday this past week, we were working in Quarteira again and we had plans to pass by some of our amigos but Elder Martel had a feeling that we had to pass by another amigo that we hadn't passed by in a while. When we were knocking on his door on the other side of the street were our friends the Cabo Verdians.  We taught a powerful lesson about the restoration. It was really cool because some of the people we had already taught were there and they could bear their testimonies about the Book of Mormon. It was really cool. There are so many miracles I could write about this week. It was really easy to see how the Lord puts people who are ready in our path and it is really interesting to see how people choose to use their agency. I know this work is true. The Lord is helping us. Anything that has happened, is happening or will happen on my mission is the will of the Lord and I know is to help me grow but to also bless his children here. 

I hope all is well. 
Elder Fogg
Missão Portugal Lisboa

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