Monday, July 24, 2017

Be blunt and be bold

Miracle: Nossa amiga Cidalia chegou nas aguas de Batismo esta semana! Cidalia is a Portuguese women that we found while searching for some one else in our Area Book. She already knows the missionaries -- some of her family members are members of the church. She is a very spiritual person. She has a mission that she has received from God. She has to help people in need, that is her mission. Fine by me. Cidalia is one of the Elect. She was willing to change and she did change. With Cidalia I learned what it means to be blunt and be bold. Sometimes I would have doubts if we taught her the word of wisdom that she wouldn't let us come back but that was the adversary talking. When I heard the voice of the spirit tell me what we needed to teach or to clarify, we taught it or clarified it. There are people who are just ready to hear the gospel, and she was one of them.  We had her baptism on Friday. Elder Rogers baptized her ( was reminiscent of how I baptized Salva a couple of weeks ago). And this Sunday she received the Holy Ghost. It was amazing seeing the change in her life. I was glad to be a part of it.
Jejum: Neste tranferencia estamos a fazer um jejum como uma missão. So this transfer we are doing a fast as a mission where everyday one or two missionary companionships fast for the entire mission. This week it was our turn to do the fast. I was on a division with the Elders of Tavera and there we felt the pain of the fast. It was really hard. It was like we could feel the weight of the mission on our shoulders. I don't want to sound self-righteous but I felt a little bit like the Savior during that time. I was able to feel just for a couple hours what it was like for him with all of us depending on His sacrifice. It helped me learn more about the nature of the atonement. I wanted to stop a couple of times, not going to lie. We did a complete fast, no food and no water, even though we were still proselyting during that time. But I knew that the entire mission was depending on us and I didn't give up because I knew the blessings the others would receive and the miracles that we would see from it. 
Elder Fogg
Missão Portugal Lisboa

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