Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy Fourth of July

I hope all had a Merry Christmas... I mean Fourth of July.🎉🎊[?][?][?]

This was an interesting week. Elder Moses left for Setubal on Tuesday so while I was waiting for Elder Rogers to arrive I got to spend some time with Elder Lopes and Elder Heiner in Tavira. It was fun being with them but their house has this aconditioner, oh my, it was really close to being the miracle of the week but fell a little short. Later that day after we left the comfy confines of the air conditioned casa  I got my new companion Elder Rogers.

New Companion: Elder Rogers. He will be 24 this upcoming Saturday. He has already graduated from college in business managing. He graduated from Utah State recently. He joined the Church 4 years ago. Right before his friend was leaving for a mission, he told his friend to practice teaching the lessons with him. And he was baptized the day his friend left for his mission. He likes to lift things, usually weights but other heavy object too (I am assuming). He likes to drink a lot of Whey. #Lifting #Workout #DoYouEvenLiftBro? #ComeAtMe #NotReally,IWasJoking,PleaseDon't
Miracle: This week president Tavares challenged us to be ''Usado'' or basically to be bold. So that's what I tried to do. We were teaching an Investigator Carlos. He has a problem with drinking. As we were teaching the lesson, I was trying to think of which commandment we would teach him so that he could progress the most. Immediately the Word of Wisdom came to mind, but then I thought ''if you teach the Word of Wisdom, you'll scare him away/lose him''. But I knew where that thought came from, not from the Lord. So I decided to be bold and teach about the Word of Wisdom. After we had taught him the Word of Wisdom and explained that god wants us to take care of our bodies so we can't drink, he told us, ''I don't actually like drinking.  It's a bad habit.  I do it because I am mad.''  We made plans to help him stop. I could feel the spirit testifying to me that the Word of Wisdom is really of God and also that those thoughts that I had were from God and that if I follow the spirit in my mission and later in my life, I will do the right and will be blessed. 
Merry Christmas,
Elder Fogg
MissĂŁo Portugal Lisboa

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