Monday, July 17, 2017

''This is was what we received as revelation that we need to share with your family specifically"

So this week we worked really hard.
Cool: Os  Sholfman's e o Aniversario de Elder Rogers. Elder and Sister Schlofman came to inspect our apartment this week. It was really fun seeing them again. They were impressed with our cleaning job that they only gave us ''kind of clean needs work'', which both Elder Rogers and I are both really proud of. (Probably because we procrastinated cleaning until the very last moment, so that was one of the bigger wins of the week this week. The other cool part was that that day was also the birthday of Elder Rogers. Happy Birthday! yoot. But the best part was that the Scholfman's took us to this Brazilian barbeque place. It was a buffet with the meet on stakes that they take around to each table and it was all you can eat! IT was the bomb. Also that night we talked with one of our amigas and she had said she would try to get us a tub of ice cream because she has a friend that works at this ice cream place. Well when she heard that it was Elder Rogers birthday, she made sure we got that tub. And it was really good ice cream! I would say that Elder Rogers had a good birthday.

Spiritual: Trabalhando com os membros. This week we shifted our focus a little bit. We are trying to stop by all the houses of the members that are active in our branch every week. We have a list of active families and we divided the list into areas and gave one half to the sisters and we took the other half. We tried to pass by all these families during the week, trying to strengthen them spiritually. So Elder Rogers and I planned really hard for the families we were going to pass by and we prayed and we practiced, revised prayed and practiced so more. Yesterday we visited two of those families and I still remember how unprepared I felt. I said a prayer in my heart that even though I am slow of speech and can't speak the language correctly that the spirit could be there and strengthen them. The first family that we visited we didn't share the scripture that we planned, we didn't talk about the stuff we had planned, we followed the spirit and what it wanted us to say. In the end we left them with an invitation to pray and read the Book of Mormon together as a family. It was amazing what happened next. The less active son who was sitting on the couch playing video games (who I thought was completely not paying attention but apparently was half listening) piped up and said ''Ya I would do that if we did it as a family''. The parents then asked us if this was the message that we were giving to all the families. ''No'' I confessed ''This is was what we received as revelation that we need to share with your family specifically''. The parents said ''This is what we need as a family, how did you guys know?'' Prayer and revelation are real. D&C 84:85, we need to plan, but in the moment we will be given the revelation that we need.

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