Saturday, December 3, 2016

Off to Portugal ...

Olà, tudo bem?

Thanks to all who have sent e-mails or packages.  

So funny story, you know how I said that we were leaving on Tuesday. Turns out the people of Portugal just can't wait for us any longer; we leave for Portugal on Monday. We leave the MTC at 3:50 AM. We are suppose to arrive in Portugal on Tuesday at 2 PM (woot woot). This was kind of unexpected but I am so excited to go to Portugal. Since we are leaving on Monday, our P-day got switched to Saturday. We got to say goodbye to Irma Young and Irmão Regehr on Friday. They were great teachers and I will miss them.
It is now the Christmas season.  For choir we started to sing Christmas songs. The branch presidents had a dinner on Friday night. Some of the missionaries that were in choir went to sing some Christmas Carols. We sang the First Noel and Hark Ye Harold Angels Sing. It was super fun. 
We do not have refrigerators in our rooms. Some other Elder's in my residence hall thought it was a good idea to keep their drinks cool by putting them in the vents. Good idea right? Wrong. The thing is one of their roommates doesn't enjoy having his room so cold so he turned up the heat. Unfortunately one of the drinks in the vent was milk. Milk and heat do not mix well. When they came back to their room they discovered that they had invented a new smell ("the smell of death" according to one missionary). Elder Angulo used the emergency phone to call for help. He said "Mayday mayday smells like milk out of date mayday mayday. Send help." The milk had exploded out of the vent into the room. The milk had gone so bad that  the milk that exploded onto the wall pealed the paint. The clean up crew was not happy. It was so bad that one of them asked "who puked in the vent" as they pulled chunks out of it. I guess it's good we're missionaries not scientist.

I have been studying faith a lot this week. Our investigators were struggling a lot with faith this week. We taught a lot concerning faith and invited them to do a lot to help strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ. By doing so I strengthened my own testimony in him as well. God does not show us miracles until we have faith in him. He shows us miracles through our faith. I was not able to speak Portuguese at all before I came into the MTC but through faith in Jesus Christ I have been able to learn so much and I know that some day I will be able to speak it.
Tchaw tchaw for now peccadors,
Elder Fogg
This is a warning that in Portugal there are some areas without Internet. I may not be able to send emails if I am in those areas.

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